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By Andria Cardarelle

This can be the 16th (#16) in an variety of tie-in novels of Ravenloft Gothic horror stories facing the masters and monsters set within the Demiplane of Dread.
Desperate to flee the terrors of Ravenloft, Marguerite got here to Lord Donskoy's fortress filled with desire for the longer term. as an alternative, she came across herself betrothed to a mysterious purveyor of flesh whose mystery prior, just like the useless, refused to stick buried. Now Donskoy's marriage has invoked a depressing curse, and Marguarite right into a internet of worry and keenness

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I do not know how much credence to put in this claim, having never personally encountered a werebeast capable of this act. Having witnessed-and barely survived-a bloodlust engendered by a young lycanthrope, I can only cringe at the idea of confronting a wily, adult werebeast that chooses to enter bloodlust.

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