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By Mark Acres

The goodly count number has despatched a troop of his relied on warring parties to exterminate the brigands believed answerable for outrages within the nation-state, yet weeks have handed, and nonetheless there's no notice from this strength. Now John Brunis, count number of Eor, has grew to become to you for relief.

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10. THE LOWER TEMPLE ANTEROOM The stairs lead down into a room with only one exit: a pair of large, black stone doors. On either side of these doors is a basin with water in it. The two doors are solid, but unlocked. Each has a large brass pull ring attached to it, so the doors open toward the room the party is in. Characters who listen at the door will hear a low, unholy chanting coming from the room on the other side 11. THE LOWER TEMPLE As the door opens, you see a familiar figure 60’ in front of you behind a bloody altar.

27. SECRET DOOR TO ROOM 28 This wall is covered by a painting of the demon worshiped by the clerics. The door can be opened with a knock spell or when it is sprinkled with unholy water. 28. CHAMBER OF THE PATRIARCH A. Vestibule: This finely carpeted little room contains a long wooden bench and a basin of unholy water. B. Main Chamber: As you peer into this chamber, you see a man in plate mail armor kneeling in prayer in front of a small shrine. The opening of the door has alerted him to your presence, and he rises quickly, turns, and faces you.

Should the party behave in a hostile manner, the lizard men will know that they are not guests of the Great King, and will begin to attack. Only five lizard men will step out of the picture initially; if a melee begins, five will step out each round until the melee ends. All will have the same statistics (AC 5; MV 6”//l 2”; HD 2+1; hp 10; #AT 3; D 1-2/1-2/1-8). None of the lizard men will leave the room: their basic tactic in melee will be to block the doors while reinforcements from the mosaics attack the party.

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