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By Toyota Motor Corporation

Сервис мануал на английском языке к автомобилям Toyota Corolla выпуска 2002-2007 годов, двигатель 1ZZ-FE.

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As the resistance may be outside the specifications if measured at high temperatures immediately after the vehicle has been running, measurements should be made when the engine has cooled down. (b) HANDLING OF CONNECTOR (1) When removing the connector with lock, press the connector in the direction of the engagement and remove the lock by lightly pressing the lock claw. (2) When removing the connector, do not hold the harness, but hold the connector. (3) Before connecting the connector, check that there is no deformation, damage or missing terminals.

Looseness of Crimping Core Wire Terminal Deformation Pull Lightly D25087 (2) Checking when the connector is removed: Check by lightly pulling the wire harness (missing terminal, terminal crimping condition, core wire break). Check visually for any rust, metal particles, water and bent terminals (rust, mixing of foreign object, terminal deformation). NOTICE: When testing a gold–plated female terminal, always use a gold–plated male terminal. 2004 COROLLA (RM1037U) AuthorĂ: DateĂ: 33 INTRODUCTION – (3) Same terminal as a male terminal REPAIR METHOD OF CONNECTOR TERMINAL (1) If there is on the contact point, clean the contact point using an air gun or shop rag.

To ascertain what the problem symptoms are, it is extremely important to ask the customer about the problem and conditions when it occurred. The following 5 items are important points in the problem analysis. Past problems which are thought to be unrelated and the repair history, etc. may also help in some cases. Therefore, as much information as possible should be gathered and its relationship with the problem symptoms should be correctly ascertained for use as reference in troubleshooting. A customer problem analysis table is provided for your use in the Diagnostics Section for each system.

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