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This rfile is a suite of Unix/Linux/BSD instructions and projects that are necessary for IT paintings or for complicated clients. it is a sensible advisor with concise causes, but the reader is meant to understand what s/he is doing.

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Pdf ... 4 C on v e rt v id e o Compress the Canon digicam video with an mpeg4 codec and repair the crappy sound. AVI See sox for sound processing. 5 C opy a n a ud i o c d The program cdparanoia25 can save the audio tracks (FreeBSD port in audio/cdparanoia/), oggenc can encode in Ogg Vorbis format, lame converts to mp3. ps # Use printer hp4500 and print 2 copies lpr -o Duplex=DuplexNoTumble ... # Print duplex along the long side lpr -o PageSize=A4,Duplex=DuplexNoTumble ... # # # # # # lpq lpq -l -Php4500 lprm lprm -Php4500 3186 lpc status lpc status hp4500 # # # # # # Check the queue on default printer Queue on printer hp4500 with verbose Remove all users jobs on default printer Remove job 3186.

This uses also more CPU. 2 GP G GnuPG is well known to encrypt and sign emails or any data. Furthermore gpg and also provides an advanced key management system. This section only covers files encryption, not email usage, signing or the Web-Of-Trust. The simplest encryption is with a symmetric cipher. In this case the file is encrypted with a password and anyone who knows the password can decrypt it, thus the keys are not needed. gpg" to the encrypted file names. gpg # Encrypt file with password # Decrypt file (optionally -o otherfile) Using keys For more details see GPG Quick Start14 and GPG/PGP Basics15 and the gnupg documentation16 among others.

3 Som e a w k c o m ma nd s Awk is useful for field stripping, like cut in a more powerful way. Search this document for other examples. com and one-liners for awk for some nice examples. 4 Som e s e d c o m ma nd s Here is the one liner gold mine28. And a good introduction and tutorial to sed29. 5 R e g u l a r E x p re s s io ns Some basic regular expression useful for sed too. See Basic Regex Syntax30 for a good primer. *+() \ * . 6 Som e u s e f ul c o m ma nd s The following commands are useful to include in a script or as one liners.

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