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By Matthew A. Collins

This publication constitutes an exam of key sobriquets discovered one of the Qumran lifeless Sea Scrolls. Its basic concentration is literary instead of historic and concentrates at the functionality of the sobriquets as labels utilised definitely or negatively in the sectarian compositions. Noting the presence of 'standard' and 'variant' different types of those designations, this learn examines the differing shape and serve as of the sobriquets around the variety of texts during which they seem. extra in particular, it makes an attempt to illustrate that over the years they underwent a developmental approach, altering in shape and maybe denotation. Adopting a chronological schema that posits a Formative, Early and past due Sectarian interval, and targeting the sobriquets 'the instructor of Righteousness' and 'the Spouter of the Lie', this research observes a improvement from contextualised scriptural typologies in the direction of titular types constituting discrete parts of sectarian terminology. A extra common evolutionary pattern in the direction of a distinct ('standard') shape is usually highlighted, with so-called variations representing prior levels during this procedure (further verified by way of a supplementary case learn regarding the sobriquet, 'the Seekers of tender Things').Comparison of those effects with sociological insights, drawing upon the sociology of deviance and 'labelling theory', means that this phenomenon could be understood opposed to a much wider context of labelling practices. therefore it really is verified that the sobriquets functionality as instruments for labelling deviance and declaring confident opposite numbers. moreover, it is strongly recommended that the stream in the direction of convinced titular kinds displays a means of function engulfment, elevated prototypically and the final word acquisition of 'master status'.

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However, given the prominence of scripture within the social context in which these sobriquets arose, this is not to suggest any deliberate secrecy or code. In fact, quite the opposite is true. As Bengtsson points out, the clarity with which the evaluative nature of the sobriquets is established (whether, in his opinion, ‘circumstantially constructed’ or ‘biblically adopted’) suggests that, far from being codenames, these sobriquets were transparent labels which served to ‘corroborate the message’ (2000a: 37) conveyed in the texts.

Cf. Strawn 2007: 87–111. The Sobriquets and the Scrolls 27 sectarian composition and evidence for ideological development attested by the texts, the sobriquets may likewise have undergone a developmental process, changing in form and perhaps meaning and/or referent. It further suggests that this process might be evidenced within the scrolls themselves if examined in a manner sensitive to the varied composition dates of the texts and with particular reference to the precise forms taken by the sobriquets where they appear.

Whether explicitly or implicitly, the sobriquets perform an evaluative function (confirmation of which can often be found in the surrounding context), in that each ‘conveys correctly the author’s estimate of the characters concerned’ (Harris 1966: 53–54). For example, Bengtsson’s socalled ‘circumstantially constructed sobriquets’ (Fro¨hlich’s ‘symbolic names’) are for the most part explicitly evaluative; they reveal something of the character of the person or group labelled. ‘The Wicked Priest’ is first and foremost a priest, but furthermore one deemed to be ‘wicked’ by those doing the labelling; the sobriquet itself performs judgement on the character.

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