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By Teeuwynn Woodruff, Robh Ruppel

The golems of Ravenloft boast powers unseen in different nation-states, for they're formed by way of the demiplane's mysterious forces. subscribe to Dr. Van Richten as he exposes the evil that's the Created. study his theories on building and animation, and notice his hard-won notes at the golem's extra special energy. Heed good his sage suggestion, for even if their elements are human or differently, the Created are crafty and incessant foes, emerging time and again from obvious dying.

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A s I reached out, I noticed that Gizella’s face was turned toward the fire. But her body was turned toward the doorway opposite! For the second time in as many days, I was too late. Being careful not to disturb the body, I noted the massive contusions and bruises all along the girl’s neck and shoulders. Brushing back her long, pale hair Ifound what I was seeking: the bruised ‘mprintsof the culprit’s fingers, starkly nalevolent against the pale flesh. Setting to work, I carefully measured the marks.

9: THACOll;#ATI;Dmg2d12;SAsee above; SD +2or better weapon to hit- MF! 20; XP6,OOO. Str 18; Dex 17; Con 2 0 Int 1Z; Wis 2; Cha 12. Metal I have heard tales of golems made of iron, though I have never faced one. Presumably, almost any metal could be used. Yet the difficulty in procuring enough of a particular metal and then working it into a suitable form is prohibitive for most individuals. Thus, metallic golems are among the rarest of all. It is fortunate, indeed, that the above is true, for it would seem plausible that a golem constructed of metal would be so tough a s to be Stone T his material suffers much the same strengths and weaknesses of the metal mentioned above.

Although I would not count on your opponent pausing in such a manner, it is an interesting and possibly exploitable oddity of golem behavior. Rosilioncy of‘ Golom flesh T he flesh forming the body of a golem is apparently greatly transformed during the creation process, becoming stronger, denser, and far less porous. It seems probable this is in fact necessary in order for the flesh to maintain its integrity. This process may be likened in some ways to the transformation certain trees go through in the forests of Keening.

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