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By Ali Emadi

Describes strength structures working in traditional vehicles and electrical autos, electrical and hybrid electrical automobiles, air autos, and sea and undersea autos. Considers complicated motor drives for vehicular functions, multi-converter vehicular dynamics, and the consequences of continuous energy so much in AC vehicular distribution platforms. Explains electrical energy approach basics.

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18. Copyright © 2004 by Marcel Dekker, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 17 DC/DC Boost converter. 18 DC/DC Boost converter when switch is on. 18, due to closure of the switch, the negative voltage will appear across the diode and it will reverse biased. During this time, the switch is conducting. Inductor current is equal to the source current and the same current flows through the switch. Source voltage appears across the inductor. It is obvious that diode current is zero and, thus, the load current comes from the capacitor only.

20 depicts the inductor voltage and current waveforms in CCM operation. 20 Inductor voltage and current waveforms in CCM operation. As explained before, during the time when the switch is on, the current increases linearly. When the switch is off, the current starts decreasing linearly. The inductor current never reaches zero throughout the operating range. Average of this inductor current is equal to the load current. Voltage across the inductor is also input voltage. 20 and it is assumed to be kept constant at the required voltage level higher than the input voltage.

P and Q are real and reactive power, respectively. The iterative process of computing the bus voltages is repeated until the bus voltage converges to the desired accuracy. The choice of initial values significantly affects rate of convergence and the knowledge of selecting these initial values is obtained by experience. 4 DC Power Systems The most commonly used is the AC power system, where power is generated, transmitted, and used in the AC form. In the case of DC power systems, power could be generated as DC and then transmitted in the same DC form.

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