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By Aubrey Johnson

During this vintage remedy, Johnson offers an in-depth research of human lifestyles as awarded within the outdated testomony. He examines the vast variety of Hebrew phrases and metaphors concerning lifestyles, physique, blood, spirit, and so forth, which provide perception into historic Israelites' conceptions of personhood, affliction, well-being, pleasure, loss, and extra. the traditional Israelite view, which dominates the belief of guy within the previous testomony, is that to be in affliction of physique or weak spot of condition is to adventure the disintegrating energy of demise, and to be brough via Yahweh to the gates of Sheol; yet to get pleasure from stable overall healthiness and fabric prosperity is to be allowed to stroll with Him in fullness of lifestyles.

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J. Μ. P. Smith and E. J. ; and G. , 6th edit. (1961), pp. T. by J. H. Marks (1961), pp. 47 f. After being attracted by this view for some years I am now convinced that it \ is fundamentally wrong. The verb *]ΓΠ, which is used here in the Pi'el, is 1 rare; but its meaning is clear enough. e. in Jer. xxiii. 9, of the bones of a man i who is in anguish of heart under the impact of Yahweh's words. e. in Deut. xxxii. 11, of an eagle I which is poisecfior action above its young. e. of Anat's joining the eagles to hover over Aqhat; and it is significant that here again, as in Deut.

Xli. 8 (E). * p r o v . χγ. lm 4 Judges viii. 3: cf. Eccles. x. 4 (of a man's 'mounting* anger). , too, the idiom whereby we speak in English of a 'gust of anger', or of a 'breeze' which springs up between the parties to a quarrel. 5 1 Kings xxi. 5: cf. 1 Sam. i. 15 (but see LXX). 6 Judges ix. 23: cf. 1 Sam. xvi. 14-23, xviii. 10, xix. 9. 5 In the circumstances it is not surprising that we should find a form of polarization in the significance of the term 0 Π according as emphasis was laid upon the more sharply physical or the more psychical aspects of life.

2. 3 Cf. Ps. lxxvii. 7 ( E W . 6); Prov. i. 23, xvi. 2; Isa. xxvi. 9; Ezek. xi. 5, xiii. 3, xx. 32; Mai. ii. 15, 16: also (of God) Isa. xxx. 1. 4 Prov. xvi. 2: cf. (of God) Isa. xl. 13. 5 Deut. ii. 30: cf. the 'hardening* of the heart, as noted below, p. 80, n. 3. 6 1 Chron. v. 26; 2 Chron. xxi. 16; Jer. Ii. 11 (cf. verse 1): cf. Ps. lxxvi. 13 ( E W . 12). 7 2 Chron. xxxvi. 22 ( = Ezra i. 1); Ezra i. 5: cf. Hag. i. 14. 8 Exod. xxxv. 21 (P). 9 Ps. lxxviii. 8; Prov. xi. 13: cf. Num. xiv. 24 (JE).

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