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By Robert S.; Thimann, Kenneth V.; Marrian, G. F. Harris

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I n the first place, the period of 20 weeks required for the depletion and assay periods is excessive. The diet, which contains vitamin-test casein, is expensive. Finally, the amount of the test substance which must be administered to ensure that a sufficient dose of EFA will be given may be so great that it constitutes a serious difficulty in the feeding. I n the case of margarines and butters, the supplements were fed daily in 250 and 500 mg. , 1951). The administration of this amount of fat in the test groups was compensated for in the control linoleate tests by giving proportionate doses of hydrogenated coconut oil.

3. The Question of the Possible Biopotency of Oleic Acid and Other Mono41 ethenoid Acids.. 4. The Biopotency of Linolenic Acid us. Linoleic Acid. . . . . . . . . ‘ 4 1 5. The Biopotency of Arachidonic Acid us. Linoleic Acid.. . . . . . . . 42 6. The Biological Activity of Related Compounds,. . . . . . . . . . 42 V. Factors Affecting the Requirement for Essential ............ 1. The Effect of Species.. . . . . . 46 2. The Effect of Sex.. . . . . .

J. Exptl. Pathol. 6, 300-4. Dixon, F. , Bukante, S. , Dammin, G. , and Talmadge, D. W. 1953. In Pappenheimer, A. , Jr. “The Nature and Significance of the Antibody Response,” pp. 170-182. Columbia University Press, New York. Dougherty, T. , Chase, J. , and White, A. 1945. Proc. Exptl. Biol. Med. 68, 135-140. Ecker, E. , and Pillemer, L. 1942. Ann. N . Y . A d . Sci. 43, 63-83. 26 A. E. AXELROD AND J. PRUZANSKY Feller, H. , Roberts, L. , Ralli, E. , Jr. J . Clin. Invest. 21, 121-137. Folk, R. ,Jr.

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