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By Rob Simpson

The warfare in Iraq isn't just debatable, it is also astronomically dear. Now Rob Simpson solutions the query many involved american citizens were asking: Wasn't there another approach the govt. can have spent one thousand billion of our tax funds? What shall we Have performed with the cash provides 50 thought-provoking spending choices. With a thousand billion cash, lets . . . repair Social protection instantaneously: cease being concerned. cease debating. it is performed. Over. fastened. finish homelessness in the United States: apartment 15 million homeless households, get 1000000 young ones out of foster care, and feature swap to spare! supply every person on this planet satellite tv for pc television: will we have the revolution later? i am staring at CSI immediately. Pay each person in Iraq to be great to one another: howdy! If an individual tripled your wage for the subsequent twenty years, would not you behave? cross eco-friendly: supply a hundred million motor vehicle purchasers a $10,000 subsidy on their hybrid. Or gold . . . : Pave each street in the US with gold leaf. Play ball! : Fly each person in Iraq to the USA, placed them up in a pleasant resort for 3 days with the entire extras, take them to a 3-hitter and fly them domestic . . . and feature much leftover. therapy melanoma: Double study spending for so long as it takes. . . . let alone paying all bank card debt, paying for all people on the planet an iPod, development seventy five million solar-powered houses, and 39 different revealing pipe goals. surprising, thought-provoking, and tremendously pleasing, Simpson takes a difficult examine the government's best priorities--both what they're and what they need to be.

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So here’s a simpler approach. Every senior in America gets every prescription paid for. Period. For “the greatest generation,” it means no more worries about which plan covers what and what’s not covered by anything and how much is the copay and can I really afford my meds this month? I suspect that the insurance companies wouldn’t mind, since it would mean that they no longer had to bear the burden of paying for prescriptions for that part of the population who gobble up drugs like there’s no tomorrow.

And the disparity has grown over the past few decades and gives every indication that it will continue to grow. 85 That leaves 90 percent of the country owning not much of anything. But we can change that. We can give every living American $3,293 to invest in the stock market. (Yes, even the way-too-rich-already 1 percent will get $3,293. ) Those who already own stocks will certainly benefit, as an injection of a trillion dollars into the market can only help stock prices rise. And for the rest of us, it will mean we’re finally in the game.

It might even have an effect on our collective retirements. 49 for their retirement. For those of us in the 90 percent, that’s real money. That’s something to dream about. - 21 Social Security We Can Fix It, Just Not for You orry. A trillion dollars is a lot of money (a lot of money), but it’s not enough to dig us out of the Social Security hole we’re digging for ourselves. Not even close. 87 That may scare you, but not as much as it should. 7 trillion at it right now. 7 trillion. This may be the one instance where a trillion dollars feels like a token gesture.

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