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Here is a list of the most significant upgrades and new features that Windows 7 can offer: First, Windows 7 significantly improved the speed of loading programs and applications on your computer. This is a performance upgrade especially for Vista users who are complaining about the speed of booting the system and opening programs. A clear example of this improved performance is evident when you open Internet Explorer. The program will instantly load in just 2 seconds which can improve your online productivity.

56 Latest Innovation: Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 operating system is faster than Windows Vista and XP. It is said to be release on 2010 and designed to adapt the fast growing innovations today. It consists of advances in handwriting recognition, touch and speech. Improve in boot, kernel, media features and multi-core processors. It has virtual hard disks support and support for systems from vendors who uses multiple heterogeneous graphic cards. It also has a latest version of Windows Media Center, Windows Powershell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) and the XPS Essential pack and a Gadget that is already integrated in the Windows Explorer.

Second, insert the installation disk of Windows 7 in your CD/DVD ROM. Do not run the application yet. What you have to do is to restart your computer and boot from your DVD device. Your system will detect a new operating system. Run Windows 7 and select the new partition as the path where the 53 new operating system will be stored. Follow the installation wizard of Windows 7 until the sequences are complete. Restart your computer and select Windows 7 from the list of operating systems available in your computer.

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