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14. After all your file systems have been created, the install program will give you an opportunity to configure the network. Next, you are prompted to configure your network interfaces, default route and IP address of the primary name server to and the host table. 15. Once all these done, you will be able to extract the distribution sets onto your system. When installing from a CD−ROM, you will be asked which device holds the distribution sets. This will typically be "cd0". Next you will be asked which partition on the CD−ROM the distribution is to be loaded from.

It defines the exact location on the computer's hard disk where the boot files required for booting the operating systems are located. On the Linux system, we can see that (hd0,2) refers to the 3rd partition which is /dev/hda3. And as we already know, /dev/hda3 refers to the /boot partition which contains the boot files. Similarly, on the FreeBSD system, we can see that (hd0,a) refers to the /dev/ad0s2a which refers to the root(/) filesystem and which on the Linux system is mapped into /dev/hda2.

Error, error and error was all that I got! So, I switched to Red Hat Disk Druid to fancy my luck! Red Hat's Disk Druid displayed an "Invalid partition on /tmp/hda" message and when ignored, showed the OpenBSD partition as unused and /dev/hda as a BSD/386 partition. I forced the "auto partitioning" process but it crashed miserably after some time with an "unhandled exception". I did not save the crash dump to a floppy because I had no plans to send a bug report. 0 (Psyche). 1.

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