Although most new Android devices can record HD videos, We always have a feeling that we are not taking full advantage of this + our videos are boring.

If you think your videos are boring too and you want to improve them, This app will take your videos to a whole new profesional level.

Free on Google Play:
Edit: Download from here – if it's not available in your country.

Just shoot and upload a video from your Android phone, Choose a soundtrack and give your movie a title and the Magisto movie maker will automatically edit your movie for you. Magisto will analyze your footage and splice it together for you, creating a professional looking movie.

We are pretty amazed with some of the results. If you made a nice video with this app please share it with us in the comments.

#videorecording   #videoediting   #videoeditor   #androidvideography #magisto  

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My love for Android started when I got my HTC Hero (currently running CM7.1) and never looked back. Now I own an HTC One X (running AOKP).
I started this website to help my friends with their new phones but for my surprise the website quickly started to grow and now I’m happy to help much more Android enthusiasts all over the world.
I have an amazing wife + two cats and on my free time I write songs and play guitar as a hobby.


  1. From the company via email: Hi Kevin,

    While I can't provide an exact date at this time it will be available soon.  We'll be sure to make an announcement when it is released in the US.

    Megan O'Neill

    Community Outreach