Send/Receive SMSs from Any Device

Overall Rank: 4.5/5

SMS messaging without a SimCard? How L33T.

So here you are, doing something on your PC, your phone rings with an incoming SMS. You stop everything you do, turn to that noisy lil’ thing and hope it’s something important. Either way it would be pretty cool to use your PC to get your mobile Message right?
We hear ya’.
Yup, so the app connects to your phone, it sends the message to your phone and from there it sends it like a normal SMS, so to work it, you’ll need the app to be installed on your devices, any device! This feature means that you can basically connect remotely through your phone # provided and send SMS message from a tablet with no Sim Card.

Didn’t our Forefathers use SMS messages?

SMS messages changed a bit, SMS started to get unpopular when everyone was migrating to the more popular Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger (..actually the same now), and any other social messenger for all the obvious reasons, anything that would part us from that boring CDMA/GSM SMS. Nonetheless, sending MMS messages was a hassle and a wreck, Boorish messages that lack the suave’ and grace of sending videos over WiFi.

These days when security and privacy are becoming an increasing and cardinal issue, you can see the smart people in the room moving closer and back to SMS messages. When you log into your SMS messages, you don’t need to let your provider know that, unlike whatsapp/facebook that are watching you like a hawk, depending on your settings, you don’t need to let everyone in your contact list know when you’re watching messages (“connected”.)

There’s alot of money in watching you do stuff. Facebook bought Whatsapp for such a hefty price yet for a very lucrative reason, that price tag is starting to make sense to professionals in the industry that understand why big data glitters in the dark.
Other than big data professionals, there are logical and critical thinking humans that understand it’s time to go back to the private non-intrusive SMS messages.

How to Install Mighty Text

Let’s go to

On to right there is that big red button to Get The App. Press ze red button, ja?
Enter your phone number and you’ll get an SMS sent to your phone with a link to Google Play.

Ease of installation:
Not really. (well, in my case that is.) Opening the app caused it to crash 2 times before finally opening, and once it opened, it requested to connect my profile – quite a long task that took more than 6 minutes. There is no progression bar that can give you an indication when it’s about to complete, so after some time passed I started to think it’s looping or just stopped responding. Eventually and after 6 minutes, the installation was complete.

2nd step was installing on my computer.

I wasn’t happy to see that it had no .exe file but only a browser plug-in, for some this would be cool and non intrusive, yet for me it’s less comfortable since I like to see my Exe’s, I like it like dat. Take note that it’s available for every major browser.

So how is this App? Good? Bad?  Can your grandpa use it with no problems? Can you use if from your tablet rather than sending  a sleepy hand to find the phone? Well get that covered that in a sec, and more.

Mighty Text – User Experience

The Good
The SMS system performs as expected. Messages are sent from PC or any device to recipient; they don’t even know you are using from PC.

A pop up window at the side of the screen will pop.
Click on it to open a conversation window. There are some nice extra features like:

  • Showing your Phone’s battery on your PC screen.
  • Sync your photos and videos (including the stuff you downloaded from Whatsapp) to the computer as well as edit them with filters, stickers, doodles and other cool stuff!
  • BTW,that’s a super easy way to have your screenshots and selfies already be available for download right away.
  • Send files to your phone.
  • Print SMS talks..  GFs are sure gonna use THAT in a lot of arguments…
  • Power View mode is an SMS layout that shows no less than the 8 last conversations in small windows, allowing you to talk with 8 people simultaneously. I’ve never found myself reaching this level of multitasking… but again, I’m a man– back to Classic View.

The Bad
The 1st page is my sent messages list and not my contact list.

The messages appear along with all the junk SMS, unrecognized SMS and so on, without any way to filter or remove them from the app.

When going to the contact list, it’s sorted in alphabetical order and cannot be changed, filtered and have no built in search bar (THANK YOU CTRL+F for saving my life!).

There is no on/off switch if to receive SMS to computer automatically or not.

The Ugly

The developers made a long way to make a cool and useful app, but in my opinion they missed some necessary features:

Wanna send a group SMS? You will need to type the names to the list manually, (with the help of name auto-completion). No Drag & Drop. No check boxes or any other fast way that utilizes the advantage of PC and available mouse.

They added a dialer! Yea you can type the phone (with ש name auto-completion feature) to the dialer or alternatively dial from the contact list!

Once you’re dialing you need to pick up the phone. The dream of talking from your PC mic is not here yet, so the feature (as cool as it is) becomes quite useless is eventually you need to reach out for your phone.

It’s nice for searching though…

The Pro

The pro version gives an additional set of cool features, like:

  • Saving customize contact lists (friends, family, work act)
  • Scheduling an SMS to be sent later on, edit, and remove them as well..
  • Save SMS drafts, like when writing Emails, add signatures and more.

Those pleasures will cost you about 40$/year.


This app is well worth the long installation time and makes life easier.

Even though it could be a lot better I end this review with a strong recommendation to those who prefer texting from their main screen or not to turn to their phone for every single thing.

So They’re Recommending This App that… NO.

Simply Text – The Upsell

Along with the Mighty Text, they recommend to download another app called Simply Text that replaces the original text mechanism.

Testing with this app did not reveal any significant difference comparing to the latest Android 5.0.

It was only annoying since opening texts on Simply Text were still marked as unread in the original text windows.

If you have older android, this app can be a good solution for you to improve your texting experience, otherwise, completely unnecessary.

Score: 0/5.