This app “prepares the talk for you” and makes your calls much more interesting. It guesses what content you would want to talk about or share with your friends during the call, and creates a visual talk feed for you.
Give it a try and let us know what you think about it in the comments:
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My love for Android started when I got my HTC Hero (currently running CM7.1) and never looked back. Now I own an HTC One X (running AOKP).
I started this website to help my friends with their new phones but for my surprise the website quickly started to grow and now I’m happy to help much more Android enthusiasts all over the world.
I have an amazing wife + two cats and on my free time I write songs and play guitar as a hobby.


  1. That was my first thought too +Mike Trieu, but this app supposed to learn what you like to read, so it shows me mostly interesting tech news for my surprise. But I guess you have a point, if someone likes garbage than it will show him mostly garbage :) Anyway, give it a shot, it might surprise you too.