Our Friends

Our Friends

Droid Horizon Moving forward with a keen openness for community spirit and loads of different tie-ins from the other big sites and pages around the internet. Expect hardware and app reviews, customizing home screens with fantastic wallpaper packs, beautiful icons, ROM suggestions and everything else in between.


xda-developers.com Android and Windows Mobile Developers – The Largest Community for Smartphone Hacks and Development of Apps, Development News, Information, and Howto’s.


Android Alliance The idea behind Android Alliance.co is to simply index all Android websites so they can be discovered through this site more easily. We are basically a search Engine/Indexing/Reference site just for all things Android.
Whether you’re looking for Android Gear sites, Android News sites to Android Development sites. We know this will make your Search for anything Android more streamlined and faster through this indexing site.


Eat Sleep Android are dedicated to helping you figure out Android, Such as how to use your new device, as well as learn valuable information of past, present and future of Android.



Bumbershoot Cahoots is an exciting new mobile application which will reinvigorate the traditional multiplayer 2D artillery game on Android devices.