Print From Your Android Device.

We were all there at one point, you have one specific text area (or pages) that you want to print from your android device, but how?
No worries, I got you covered.

Printing from android devices should be a very easy task, you just need the right app for it. Naturaly in the appverse, some apps would amaze you, others will suck poorly.
Come to think of it, almost every printing brand is on the app wagon these days, You have their printer and now They want your sou.. um, your phone.printing2

The wonderful world of printing, ahh. I will take a wild guess and state that less than 20% of you android users have this undying urge to print from your android device and demolish a shitload of amazonian trees, but sometimes you just have to.

The first and foremost solution out there, just as most people would guess is:

The Mother Of Android Printing Solutions

You guessed it, Google Cloud Print -They built pretty much the jack-in-the-box-wildcard to provide almost every solution possible for you to print from your android device (Android to 3D Printing would be soon available, i’m sure.) Come to think of it, I have no idea why I gave you a link, IT’S BUILT IN. How google of them to do so.

Printing From Android, The Corporate Apps

Ricoh (Wow! They still exist?!)

Android Printing – Pay For it!

Paying for printing apps. Some humans need it and gain value from it, I don’t know those people personally, yet I am sure they exist.

Putting extra features in printing apps cost money,solving printing issues for thousands of different printers and trying to get driversworking for each one so you can print from your android device, yea that actually costs money. Having one petulant user giving your app 1 star, screaming/CAPSING at you because you forgot his 1989 Kyocera pica/tractor printer driver that prints at 15 dB… I would definitely ask you fuckers for money.

PrintHand Mobile Print Premium – The all in one solution baby; Files:(DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, TXT), platforms: (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, SugarSync), In terms of network, home/workgroup, domains, etc. If your that guy that likes printing stuff on the fly like Kanye West likes to talk about himself, this is for you.
PrinterShare – So if you’ll notice there’s a free version too, but just to consider the work these guys are putting trying to align almost every printer in the planet with drivers for this app, I would pay them. SOLID APP, SOLID DEV. And as many noted in the ratings, “feature rich”, “highly recommended”. Printing from your android device was never this easy.

Printing From Android, The Freemium Apps

Yea it’s Free, you can find them, i’m sure, shoo.

Printing.. And then some

Print Studio – Print Photos – Now these guys went the extra mile so you can print from your android device all this cool instances to include Instagram photos, i’m talking about these sweet little mini-prints, 4×4’s, 4×6’s, mini squares and they print out these super high grade photos and send them to you for a pretty decent price $12-$15, Contact cards, Memory boxes (sweet!) Yea, I don’t know about that $40 calander ($40 calander? are you nuts?) But the rest of their offers are super cool, you can photo-plan your own mega posters of tiny photos from your life, wooden shadow boxes (Today I’ve learned what a shadow box is.)

Minecraft Papercraft Studio – Whaaat?! You mean minecraft cut outs?! Sweeeeet!  You can print from your android device as many of them blue diamonds as you want, Axes, swords, Creepers, sheep, characters and pretty much create your own nerdy room full of these creatures and virginize yourself forever! You can choose sizes to for these cut-outs, and also color empty cut outs, scan them and actually create skins app (<=Bold for magnifico Dev. move), they created a $1 skin scanner app, even though it’s for iOS (in the meantime), I still love it. Awesome app guys.

3D Printing from an Android Device

To Boldly go where… Well actually a few have gone there and to be honest, it’s a work in progress, from a plethora of reasons to include unstable and melting polymers that can’t complete a 3D cycle properly (ARggh! A half face melted Gnome! Run for your liiiives!) As I said, it’s a work in progress. Since I do not have a 3D printer yet where I can print miniaturized versions of myself carbon frozen as Han Solo, I shall settle for an amazing informative and just friggin’ cool app, it’s called Thingiverse and they have people featuring the most coolest out of this earth (literally) 3D designs, essentially it’s a universe of all things 3D and I love everything about it, you can start sending likes on that amazing set of razor sharp shark teeth and tell ’em it’s from me.

Face melted gnomes… Are… Watching.
melted gnome