Hopefully every one know it , but if not – computer screens and phone \ tablet screen is not very healthy for our eyes. i’m sure once or twice in your life you watched the TV \ played the computer \ android device for a long time… after few hours you start filling your eyes , a little headache and some times dizzy as well.

New application called Twilight available on app store.Twilight filters the blue spectrum on your phone or tablet  and protects your eyes with a soft and pleasant red filter. The filter adjusted to the sun cycle based on your local sunset and sunrise filtering the blue spectrum this application will help you to save your eyes health and protect you from problems like :  fall asleep , hyperactivity before the bed time  etc.

you can read more about Twilight on the link above , and check Wikipedia  links from the application page on the app store :


As you can see in the picture below , the application is really simple to the app we can adjust the maximum brightness we want to decrease , automatically pause the app in specific uses with android like Apk installations and even choose different apps that won’t be effected by Twilight.

Twilight preview

Basically – Twilight adjust the screen brightness to the time of the day , and protect your eyes  from “big amount of brightness” that effect our eyes.

Twilight - Google play


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