Pudding Camera  is a real-time effects camera that allows you to take photos with live effects.

It comes with 9 cameras and films with various aspect ratios, multi-frame shots, fish-eye, toy camera effects, motionx2 (3:2 / 2 shots), motion2x2 (4:3 / 4 shots), motionx4 (1:3 / 4 shots),fish-eye (hemispherical) and triplex (3 shots). The films have the following effect: Basic, Vintage Brown, Vintage Blue, Vignetting, Dazzle, Mono, Noir, Vivid. The aspect rations included are Basic (4:3), Snap (3:2), Panorama (1.85:1).

The camera itself comes with lots of cool features like

  •  Exposure Controls (-2.0~+2.0)
  • Face Recognition
  • Grid feature
  • Self-Camera mode (Touch screen to shoot)
  •  Timer countdown for Motion Camera Series

The resolution it supports are Small: 472px, Medium: 700px and Large: 1280px . Unfortunately it doesn’t come with Full HD(1920 * 1080px) but I think the current CPU’s cannot handle that level of demand so it’s ok.

You can also share your photos by E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr or other apps. Your friends will enjoy your cool photos. Cheers!


Chief Editor,

Vlad Mafteiu


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