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Android Newbies Continues to Review Apps for its 3rd Year Straight

We will invest our time and best efforts to go 360 degrees in ‘n out of your app as deep as we can go to provide a comprehensive picture around what your app has to offer. If you’re in the likes of an indie developer or a hobo with a laptop that doesn’t have $1 on his name, we’ll absolutely try to come towards you on cost and such, nw.

As always, our reviews are based on honesty and towards readership and our reader’s usability. We are a business, we like to be payed on content that leaves a mark, even though we will respect our clients CPI, we think that providing a relevant and targeted audience to your app would symbiotically both raise your app’s usability and acknowledge our readers with quality content.

Content is our #1 objective since we hold our readers close to heart and it’s a kind’a special thing we call love. We go to expos and conventions, people invite us to the coolest parties and gigs, it’s all about love baby. We want to keep it that way.

Now let’s be totally honest, we will never publish a bad review on your app. If you managed to send us an app that is total crass (sorry..) We’ll refund you back your money according to our terms of service and we will be happy to revisit your app for review again once it would be fixed and/or revamped.

Leave us your details here below, when there’s time we move from emails to actually call developers, so feel free to leave your digits too if you want.

At the end of the day
It’s all about audience