Hello, I want to share with you a very simple and useful app I found recently. I was looking for an option to send a quick text message with one touch when I’m too busy to answer a call.

There are many apps on the Android market that once turned on, will automatically send a text message to every call I don’t answer. The problem with those apps is that they run in the background all the time which is bad for the battery life. Also, sometimes I don’t want to send a message to every missed call I get, but only to the calls I choose to reply.

So after a lot of searching I found exactly what I was looking for: SMS Call Responder.

automated messages

With this simple app you can send a customized one-click SMS responses to calls you don’t want to answer. Whenever you get a call and you don’t want to answer you can ignore it and you will see a pop-up coming up like the picture above. Now with one touch you can send the SMS response. I find it really useful when I’m driving, in a meeting, or even just don’t want to answer, but I think its more polite to send SMS response instead of just ignoring the call.

This app comes with a few automated messages inside which you can edit yourself and you can add your own customized automated messages as well.

Automated Messages

Check out the video below for example I made.

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