Some of our favorite Android websites in this circle:

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Once every now and then we like to share our favourite Android Websites with our followers and tonight is one of those "once every now and then" nights.

There is everything you could ever need in here from gaming with +DroidGamers , UK Specific News from +Android UK News etc , European News from +Eurodroid , Google TV News from +Google TV Friends and so much more!

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My love for Android started when I got my HTC Hero (currently running CM7.1) and never looked back. Now I own an HTC One X (running AOKP). I started this website to help my friends with their new phones but for my surprise the website quickly started to grow and now I'm happy to help much more Android enthusiasts all over the world. I have an amazing wife + two cats and on my free time I write songs and play guitar as a hobby.