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Today in this quick post I will present you 4 apps about medicine and particularly the topic of anatomy. The quiz games are


The apps are interactive and present you with a series of questions and you have to pin the image where you think the particular answer to the question should be. You got a time limit and you must present an answer during that time. This is represented the the lines bar on the left. For each correct answer you get points, if you earned enough you can pass to the next chapter where more difficult question come up. Some questions repeat themselves from time to time but there is nothing to worry about. However after you played for a while you will most likely know all the correct answer and will pass very quickly through all the levels and get maximum points…or so I hope :)

There is enough content to cover lots of anatomy in detail but some parts are lacking. So if you plan to pass your exams with this you won’t get a a very high grade…If you manage to pass at all. However if you want to refresh your anatomy skills this is a must app for you, which I fully recommend. However if you’re a book guy, I recommend getting this book R.D. Sinelnikov – Human Anatomy Atlas . This I think is the most extensive atlas you can find on the subject and no app can match it so far.

Graphics are ok but not particularly well optimized for higher resolution displays. They look pixelated on HD displays and up.

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