Earlier this week, at the InterBattery 2015 event in Seoul, Samsung introduced Stripe and Band batteries. These batteries are notable for many reasons but the most important one is their shape – no more regular metallic rectangular shape, the Samsung Stripe and Band batteries are in a shape of a flexible strip.

The first model is the ‘Band’, which meant to be attached to any smartwatch strap, adding as much as 50 percent of the smartwatch’s original battery life. According to Samsung the battery still operated normally after being bent more than 50,000 times during some tests.

The second model is called ‘Stripe’ and it’s extremely thin, with a depth of only 0.3mm. This model is the one you see in the picture above.
The Stripe’s flexibility and its thin size allows it to be used as many kinds of wearables, such as smart necklaces and headbands, or even as interactive clothing.
According to Samsung,
Samsung did not reveal how its new flexible batteries technically works, but only noted they have higher energy density than current comparable batteries, though it didn’t name any particular brand or model.

Samsung Stripe and Band are likely to become pioneers leading the next generation of batteries, but since it’s only a prototype for now and there are no details about production plans yet, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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