Edit: I found a very nice app that not only good for syncing your facebook pics but its also ads them as a big caller ID: Better Android Caller ID: Big Pictures of Contacts

Hi Newbies, Everybody knows the problem of getting Facebook to sync properly with our contacts on Android, there are always contacts who do not get their Facebook picture or a Facebook pic that can’t be linked to a contact. This free application was made to fix exactly this problem.

SyncMyPix – Sync Your Android Contacts With Their Facebook Pics

After downloading the application press on the “Sync” button, confirm your Facebook Account login and the app will begin scanning your Facebook friends pics and pull the contact information you have on your device. (Ie if you have a contact with no picture on the device, the application will find him on Facebook and will add his picture to the contact stored on the device.)

If you want to do it manually (eg if your contacts on the device and your Facebook friends are in a different language, or maybe if you have a contact with a nick name which he don’t use on Facebook but you use it on the device), after synchronization is done the app will bring you a list of your Facebook friends with their images. All you need to do is go to a friend you want to synchronize, press and hold, then click on “Link picture to contact “and select the contact you want to sync.

* Note that HTC users have this option built-in inside their mobiles.
* If you have a different way of syncing contacts with Facebook pictures please let everyone know and post it here with a comment.

Market link: SyncMyPix



  1. It looks like when my (htc 4G Evo) Android phone can’t synch with facebook, a (real-live, non-virtual, long-time) friend that I had on my phone w/ all pertinent info and called just yesterday suddenly DISAPPEARS from the phone list. Noticed this after the phone reported problems synching with facebook (default setting) this morning. I could call him because the phone had retained the number, but all his personal info was gone with no possibility to edit the contact. I checked my Google contacts and, sure enough, my friend was gone from there as well. WTFF?!?

    Since all facebook does is add my Friends’ image and email to my phone contact list, it becomes a negative benefit when it nukes my contacts due some (should be) unrelated network problem.

    MY QUESTION: will turning off facebook-contact synching make my Android contact list more reliable and less impermanent? Thx for any help!

    – Stan

    • Whoa this is very strange, first time I hear about this. I don’t think that Facebook contact syncing is the problem. Facebook’s app doesn’t have permissions to change Google contacts. Did this happened with more than once contact?