Today I will present several things you didn’t know you could on android and which might be useful to you. Most of those work only on 4.+ however.

  1. Notification area
    • Access the app info screen just by long holding a open task.
    • Some notifications can be expanded by sliding two fingers outwards on them, giving you for example an overview of the subject headers in your email inbox. Moving two fingers inwards on a notification contracts them.

    Notification App info

  2. Camera App
    • In camera, slide screen from right to left to see available pictures and quickly move to gallery.
    • While recording a video simply press the screen to take a picture without stopping the recording.
  3. Android OS
    • You can reboot to safe mode by long-pressing the power button, then long-pressing the Power off option.
    • If you want to hide a folder or a file just type “.” in the beginning of a file name. Example: “.xyxvideos”.
    • Fill the screen with small androids by going to¬†Settings and then go to About Phone option on the very bottom. Tap and hold the Android and see it get bigger. Repeatedly tap it until the Android explodes into many little Androids which you may drag around as you wish. With Jelly Bean, you would have Jelly Bean instead of an Android.


Have fun while testing them. Cheers!


Chief Editor,

Vlad Mafteiu