A landslide of new Android games hits the stands daily. As of December 2012, Android offered 770,307 apps, and that number won’t stop growing anytime soon. With so many games that cater to so many genres, it’s tough to find the perfect way to click away—but with some direction, you can find the perfect little diamonds in the Android gaming rough.

Games for Android

Wipe Out By Activision: For the Adventurer

If you’ve ever seen the show “Wipe Out,” then a part of you has to have been curious as to what the obstacle course would feel like. Luckily, Activision—under the tutelage of Bobby Kotick—provides Android users with a taste of what the obstacle course feels like. Kotick’s design team makes it surprisingly realistic, and the gameplay mimics the gladiatorial/Chucky Cheese appeal of the game.

Scratch Draw Art Game: For Your Inner Picasso

Let’s face it, most of us would just gloss over a silly game for kids, but upon closer inspection, it’s not that silly. The app was actually developed by Teacher’s Paradise to teach critical and fun skills, but Scratch Draw is more like a trippy version of those black relief sheets that you peeled away to reveal rainbow colors. Think of it as a fun little artistic break in your hectic day.

Brain Age: For the Aspiring Einstein

This noggin’ teaser from Nintendo is designed to appeal to the traditional gamer in all of us while making us smarter. Brain Age allows you to test the real age of your brain, and it analyzes reflexes, concentration and memory. It also factors in your mathematical abilities and allows you to post results on social media. This game is great for helping children learn and adults stay smart. It’s one part game show, one part brain teaser, two parts addicting fun.


  1. When I started using android I downloaded some top apps only as after downloading 8-10 apps the phone gets slower so people dont search for the more..