There are many ways to use your Android as a PC, This is just one of them and a nice one too. 

Did you ever tried something like this guys? Do you think Android will completely replace the PC in the future?

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  1. I am planning to do the experiment with the Note 2 and the Multimedia Dock. Beginning on 24.12.2012 til 6.01.2013 I will only use my Note 2 for Blogging, Surfing the web, Email and so on. Setup will include full size usb keyboard, mouse and Monitor via HDMI. And yes, i think, this will be the future of computing. Might be some years from now but  the concept itself is already valid.

  2. I still require PC, Windows for access to my employer's site using Silverlight (stupid).
    Although i just learned eHUB has an android app that I can at least view my paystubs

  3. I hooked my Thrive 10" to my 23" monitor the other day along with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.  It was just like sitting at my PC.  I even played angry birds.  I think that in a few years, we could very well see Android replacing the PC.

    To me, to make this work, Google needs the following:

    1) Domain Authentication: Let me log into my network domain
    2) Printing: I need to be able to print

    Imagine being able to take your 10" (or 7") tablet, drop it in a dock at your desk.  You already have your keyboard/mouse and monitor as well as your gigabit ethernet connected to the dock.  You have a meeting, you pick it up out of the dock, it switches back to your wireless corporate network and you go to a meeting, taking notes on your tablet or pulling up emails/reports/etc.

    That would be fantastic!

  4. Thanks guys! If you like the floating browser you saw in the video you can try this: works great for me. 
    Also, with this cool app: you can remote control your PC really easily. Trying it now and it looks nice.

    +Uwe Hauck This is going to be a very interesting experiment, Please let me know how it works for you. I'm in the middle of the same experiment myself now but with the Asus Transformer tablet, It has a keyboard dock and with a mouse it works really nice for me – WordPress app is great and almost every browser have an option to ask for the desktop version of websites. I'll post my full thoughts soon.

    +Tiffy Fone Take a look at the second link in this comment, Maybe this can solve your lake of Windows problem?

    +Droidaphile That was my first thought too ;-)

    +Bill Wehnert I'm not sure about your first point but printing is not a problem, I also needed to print so I searched a bit about this and I'll make a post soon. In short: you can print through Google print cloud but you need a computer to be connected to the printer and the web. It wasn't good enough for me so I searched and found this: and this: which solved all my prints problems.

  5. +Android Newbies I've used PrintShare Mobile – I got the full version as a free app from Amazon in their "Free App of the Day" last year.  I like it because I can print to a network printer without having it shared via another PC.  I still think Google needs to build this into the OS.  I want it seamless to print from anything. :)

  6. How do you tell Navigation on Galaxy Note 2 to use kilometers and meters? I am not an American but I live in New Jersey. I did change the time to 24h and temperature to °C but I can't change the units for distance.